Melissa has been teaching yoga and meditation for over ten years, in the form of   classes, retreats and workshops in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland town of Maleny. Melissa’s studies to become a yoga teacher began with Adam and Akash Bornstein of Radiant Light Yoga. It ignited a passion for yoga and all that it entails.

Her influences and continuing immersion into yoga have continued with the teachings from Judith Lasater, Donna Farhi, Flo Fenton, Shiva Rea, B. K. S. Iyengar, Ian Gawler and Paul and Maia Bedson (meditation)

Melissa has a strong belief that embracing a holistic lifestyle through yoga, diet, and meditation helps to create a harmonious and balanced life. Bringing to your everyday moments good health, a sense of joy, inner peace and knowledge.  Yoga brings life to your life.

In Melissa’s classes you are encouraged to explore fluidity of movement, with awareness to breath, and where it is flowing. Challenging yet nurturing, building strength and flexibility, using the body as the vehicle, to become present with what is needed for you in each moment. Props are always offered if needed.

Meditation is explored at the beginning and at the end of each class. It allows one to glean a taste for that inner quietude that resides within. Encouraging the residue of the practice to be taken with you as you leave class.


Melissa has deepened her studies and personal practice by completing a Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation [MBSM] teacher-training programme at the Gawler Foundation in Yarra Valley [Vic]. An engaging journey, which develops wisdom and compassion through awareness of body, emotion, mind and spirit as one, integrated whole.

Melissa Borich

What is Yoga

Many times I am asked the same question.  What is yoga, what does it do for you?

Usually I address this with explaining the physical aspect of yoga, “asana” – posture, balancing, strength with flexibility and vice versa.

In our Western society we connect very strongly with the physical, the “doing” and not always as strongly with “being”. I then move on to explain, as you link breath with movement, the mind is drawn into the body and the everyday “stuff’ or clutter of the mind seems to disappear.

Your focus is in the present moment, not on chores, shopping, errands, or even on what the next posture may be in your yoga class or personal practice.

Hence, as the body becomes strong and supple, the mind does also. This is a gradual unfolding that continues on well after your yoga class has finished.

Issues such as – work, relationships on an emotional, physical or mental level all become a lot clearer as the mind and body become focused and steady.

A sense of ease is felt as you deal with your everyday “stuff”.

es you may become challenged – this is the dance of life – but yoga keeps bringing you back to the present moment, not the maybes, what ifs, or the what has been. Each and everyone of us has that inner peace and stillness within – yoga helps you to tap into that sacred place – not just in class, not only on your yoga mat.

It ripples out with you into your everyday life. We each experience this at a different pace, and in many different ways to one another – that’s okay – this is your yoga.

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